15 Places you have to visit in Asia

Traveling is a feeling for most of us. This is why the industry of traveling has become popular more than ever. Even though people didn’t travel much back then, or didn’t make money out of traveling. Now, things have changed. People are making money out of traveling and treating it like one of the best feelings ever. However, the hardest part of traveling is selecting the right travel site. For example, travelagio.com is one of the sites that makes your traveling experience better. If you are a travel geek, you must know everything about travel sites that offer an excellent experience. Anyway, let’s embark on our journey to find the 15 places you have to visit in Asia.

1. Maldives

It is not common for travelers to pick Asian places. However, this is high time for you to realize Asian places nothing, but the best travel destination. If you just check the pictures of Maldives, you will know that it is going to be a picture-perfect tour. You just have to book your hotels and everything will be good to go! Blue waters, jaw-dropping beaches, stunning mountains, and specular views will be more than enough to make your journey the best ever. Until you experience the Maldives in person, you will not realize its beauty. This is located 500 miles southwest to another tourist destination- Sri Lanka!

2. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

That one place you shouldn’t miss visiting is Angkor Wat. You will be in awe when you witness the perfect construction that touches the religious details. This is situated in the Northern section of Cambodia. You can immerse yourself in the beauty of sunrise and sunset when you are at this temple. The natural sceneries will not leave your eyes.

3. Bali, Indonesia

You can get everything in one place if you turn to Bali, Indonesia. Bali is recommended as one of the best places to visit in Asia. Any beach maniac can get the best experience when they are in Bali. You will not regret visiting here as it offers whatever you need in one go.

4. Pattaya, Thailand

Of course, a small village, but don’t underestimate it. Even though it is not as huge as New York, it still has a lot of things to see and do. You will be mesmerized by the fishing village and its incredible destinations. Nightlife and fishing are the best things to do in Pattaya.

5. Hong Kong

This is considered an expensive city, and you will find luxury apartments that will offer everything you need. Travelers don’t always look for cheap hotels and apartments, and this is why it is important to know expensive places too.

6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This is a large city with a unique travel offering. You might have to spend a little more when you are staying in hotels in the central area. But it is worth staying in hotels that are in the central area because you can access other places easily.

7. Pokhara, Nepal

If you are interested in trekking, you shouldn’t ignore this travel destination. This is considered as the best place to go trekking. Pokhara is great because it is affordable to budget travelers.

8. Goa, India

For an ideal tropical beach adventure, Goa would be the ideal destination. If you are visiting in December or January, you will be able to have the entire beach to yourself.

9. Mumbai, India

If you want a restless experience, you should visit Mumbai. Once you land in Mumbai, you will realize that you have a lot to see and do.

10. Ulu Temburong National Park (Brunei)

This is considered as the Green Jewel as it offers an unspoiled nature to its visitors. You can experience the complete beauty of the green world if you visit here. You will witness plants that you have never seen.

11. Nong Khiaw (Laos)

Do you love swimming and hiking? This is an ideal location for the ones who love both swimming and hiking. You will come across Limestone Mountains that are worth witnessing. Nothing can beat the adventure you will find in this place.

12. Banaue Rice Terraces (the Philippines)

The rice terraces from 2000 years, which means it is something you would never have experienced. These terraces are beautiful because they create the patterns that you will tirelessly enjoy.

13. Sihanoukville (Cambodia)

The bordering sea of Sihanoukville is considered the world’s best sea. You wouldn’t see any man-made things in this sea because it is naturally beautiful. If you love seafood and sea adventure, you must visit here.

14. Kandy, Sri Lanka

If you want to enjoy diversity, Kandy is the best place. Sri Lanka is considered as the number one travel destination is one of the famous travel blogs. It has everything a traveler needs, so give it a go.

15. Singapore

You will not regret visiting Singapore because you are going to unwind your hectic days here. Most travelers visit Singapore to feel better and relaxed if you are one of them, you should, too.

Wrapping up

Learning the best places to visit in Asia is easy, but finding the best prices is tough. This is why you need to check for booking details by visiting https://travelagio.com/. 

by Travelneon